Other Works

Other works Jingru created

Pony Table

A hand-made table with ash table tops and walnut lathe turned legs.


Future Scenario : Extrauterine Fetal Incubation

A story of a divorcing couple making a major life decision.

Speculative Design, Video, Animation

Life of a woman

A series of collages from famous oil paintings and photography about the life of a woman.

Digital Collage

One Portion Food Tray

A food tray helps you prepare and control your meat consumption.

Industrial Design, Product Design

There's one more thing you better understand

An anaglyph 3D zine based on a quote from film Torch Song Trilogy. View it with Red/Blue 3D glasses.


Muscle Controlled Game

A computer game that makes you physically exhausted in 10 minutes.

Arduino, Unity

My Sound Journal

A visual timeline of the sounds I recorded during traveling.

Audio, D3

Rhino Renderings

3D rhino I built+rendered