Seeing Statistics

An interactive web app for learning statistic concepts.

About Seeing Statistics

For CS132: designing web application class in Brown University, we are asked to create a repository of statistics visualizations for Brown University students. The web application we are creating is called Seeing Statistics, and this web app would be used in a Brown online education course to teach the students statistics concepts. I worked with two Brown CS student, Daniel Kunin and Madeline Johnson in this project.

For the time we have, we created three visualizations for three statistics concepts: Linear progression, Sampling distribution and Random variable.

I designed the user interfaces and created tiles for Seeing Statistics. While the user can learn statistic concepts by modifying parameters on left panels and observing alteration on the right side visualization panel. For the web app mock up, I also coded the html/css, and some simple javascript.

Go to the first version of Seeing Statistics here ↪

The Visual Design of tiles

After class ended, one of my collaborator, Daniel Kunin, decided to keep developing Seeing Statistics. From the feedbacks we received, lots of people really enjoyed the tiles I created, so I created more.

For each tile I created, I talked to Daniel to get a better understanding of the Statistics concept and looked at his D3 visualization. I created multiple designs for each concept.


The second version of Seeing Statistics, Seeing Theory officially launched early 2017, and it received lots of traffics and good feedbacks. Seeing Theory was also featured on the main page of fastcodesign.

Go to the Seeing Theory here ↪